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Tesla US - ccs1 adapter


Tesla US - ccs2 adapter


The adapter will work with any car if:

Software version is 2021.40.6 or later.

CCS adapter support option: Enabled

Please write car manufacture date and model to notes on checkout.

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Rated for 400A(allowed up to 600A peaks at 5-20%SoC)  400V making it 160kW


CCS1 Testing



Installation manual for GEN3 +Supercharging testing video:




Confirmed for work on MS/MX manufactured after 02.2020

Not working  MS MX prior to 02.2020.

All cars manufactured before needs a retrofit + config change


! If CCS adapter support option: Enabled !

M3 confirmed work from Jun2020 with Gen4 ECU 1537264-00-B

Supported VIN started approx. 720xxx

MY confirmed work from March 2020 with Gen4 ECU 1537264-00-B

Note: There is a period Jun2021-Sep2021 when Tesla made cars without CCS chip PN 1537264-80-B GEN4
VIN range approx ~220xxx-280xxx, those will work if replace ECU to 00-B


! If CCS adapter support option: Not installed !

Those required EU ECU replacement.  

Works fine with the EU ECU unit. Can be sold as a kit. CHAdemo will not work after unit replacement.

US spec, without modification NOT working on M3/MY.


1 year warranty


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